7 Deadly Sins of Automation

Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything you can in your business but not producing the results you want?

I talk with leads and clients every week who tell me they’ve tried this, tried that, and nothing seems to work. 

I’ve seen a lot in the ten years I’ve been building automation for clients as well as building my own business. Here are the 7 biggest mistakes I consistently see people making when it comes to automating their business.

#1 None or not enough follow-up

You might have a great landing page, form, or ad that brings people into your system. But without follow-up the relationship dies. Consider the purchasing cycle of your lead. Do they need your solution immediately or is their buying process a little bit longer than that? However long (on average) it takes for your clients to make a decision, you should have that much time of follow-up emailed, plus a month or two.

#2 Robotic Voice

I’m guilty of this too. You sit down to write an email and the charming, friendly person goes away and in comes the “robot voice”. I get it. Writing, typing, automation, it can all feel so impersonal. But that’s where the best marketers thrive! Be yourself and consistently show up in email, in video, in podcasts, and everywhere as your true, authentic self.

#3 Failure to Test

When you use a system like Keap, the visual of the campaign builder make it so easy (and a bit deceptive) to see what’s going to happen in that campaign. And this is where most people make their mistake. Just because it looks right doesn’t mean it is. Test it and know for sure. Test it as if you’re the person receiving this email for the very first time. Engage in the experience and see what it’s like on the other end. 

#4 Failure to Launch

Marketing Automation is one of the most important tools in our toolbox as business owners. But as the old saying goes, “the best way to use Keap is to use it” — I’m just kidding, no one says that. But the sentiment is true, that paying for the shiny object, the software, the thing, isn’t going to bring you the results you want. Use it, spend the time. Launch the campaign. 

#5 The wrong campaign for the right objective

When you do anything in business, start with the end in mind. What is your goal? No, not making money, that’s everyone’s goal. But what is the real goal? Get them to register for a webinar? Get them to buy a product? Get them to a free consultation? What’s the end goal? From there work your way backwards with the flow of how you get them from where they are now, having a conversation of “stuck” in their own mind, to get them to your goal. 

#6 Nothing post-sale

You do all this work, you pay for the ads, you optimize the landing page, your follow-up is amazing, you do the sales call, they buy, and then… Crickets. One of the worst things you can do is nothing right after someone buys. They’re the most excited, the most ready at that moment. Even if your event isn’t for months, even if your project won’t start for a week, even if you can’t deliver what they bought immediately, give them something. Show them you care, build that relationship. Don’t let them give you money and then you leave them in the dark. 

#7 Not asking for referrals 

Did you know that only 11% of businesses ask for referrals? That’s insane! I had to blink a few extra times when I saw that number. 11%? Wow. (which, by the way, also means that 89% of your competition isn’t asking for referrals either, at least I think that’s how math works..) Anyway… You are missing out on a ton of potential customers by not simply asking them to pass your information on to their friends and family. My newsletter next week will address exactly how to do this, but for now let me leave you with a script below:

You’ve been reading my blog for a bit now and you know that I love marketing automation. Did you also know that my business provides our clients with other services like:

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Thanks so much and I wish you a blessed day!

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