Automation Momentum Bootcamp

In this training I’m going to show you the EXACT tool and the EXACT strategy and the EXACT tech I use to run my $400k/yr business.

It’s not hard

It’s not rocket science

You don’t have to be “techy” to do this.

It’s simple, it’s easy, we’re gonna get back to fundamentals and get those 10000% right, then we can add in all the cool, techy stuff later, I promise!

I know you’re losing leads every day.

I know you’re struggling to do “ALL THE THINGS” and it feels impossible.

There aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done, but maybe you’re not ready to hire someone.

When I first started my business it was hard enough just to get leads. I had NO room to let those leads slip away or fall off my radar. It literally felt like money down the drain every time I forgot to follow up with a lead.

How are you going to grow your business when you can’t even manage or maintain it as-is?

How can you make more money and convert more customers when you barely have time to take care of the ones you have now?

What is going to happen to your business when you die from exhaustion trying to work 23/24 hours per day? LOL, but really, not. Please don’t work that much!

Maybe you’ve tried hiring someone and it didn’t work. You said “they were incompetent” but deep down you know you failed them.

Or you hired someone but you had no time to train them so they couldn’t do the job.

Maybe you tried to incorporate tech, use something like MailChimp or Constant Contact in the past?

Only to find those systems were clunky, hard to learn, outdated, and didn’t have all the features you NEED to run your business.

There aren’t enough hours in the day to run your business, let alone try to learn a hard software AND get —-ZERO—– results from it.

I get it.

I’ve been there.

I started my business back in 2013 and I really thought I had to be everything to everyone. My identity, my ego was wrapped up in being the person everyone went to. I was more of a circus juggler than a business owner.

I thought I had all the answers.

But what I really had was an inflated sense of self, a mountain of free consultations and free projects, and almost ZERO recurring revenue.

I could barely keep up on my own with what existing clients wanted from me… There was no room and no time for bringing in new clients, making deals, following up with leads, having sales conversations.

I did all the billing, all the tech, all the EVERYTHING.

I. was. exhausted.

And I was getting nowhere fast.

I knew I needed to free up my time to get leads and make sales… but even that wouldn’t be enough.

Just like you, Jillian, I needed a way to make sales, follow up with leads, nurture prospects, process payments, and do ALL the things.


I implemented an AMAZING system called Keap (that I’m gonna show you tomorrow)

And my sales grew to 6-figure and it’s been climbing ever since.

Now I want to help YOU grow your business using the amazing power of automation!!!

Imagine if you never had to follow up with another lead again, because automation did it for you.

Imagine Keap processing payments for you so you can focus on other things.

What would your time look like if all the things pulling you down were suddenly taken care of by automation?

How much time and hassle would you eliminate each day by not having to do ALL the little things you know are important but you never make time to do?

Imagine growing your business 2X, 5X, or even 10X

You can have a business that works FOR you.

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant just two years ago, I knew I couldn’t be the mom I wanted to be and remain tied down to my business.

I realized very quickly that I had two due dates: one due date for this baby to be born, and the other due date for me to get my business in order so it could survive without me.

I was doing everything: taking client calls, making sales, marketing, accounting, planning, writing…. too many hats for one person!

Something had to change.

So I spent the rest of my pregnancy preparing the business and AUTOMATING the business so I could step away and have some semblance of a Maternity Leave without completely losing all the income and all the clients I had worked so hard to grow and to serve.

The result?

I automated and delegated my way out of my own business.

AND not only did we survive… we grew 3X!

When I automated my business, my life completely changed.

Now I want to show you how I did it!

In Automation Momentum Bootcamp, I’m going to show you my Momentum Method™ — the exact strategy I used to automate my business.

And I’ll show you the campaigns I still use today to run my entire business.

You’ll walk away from our call with:

  1. Clarity on exactly what you need to be doing and when
  2. Knowing your customer and how and when to engage with them
  3. How to spend a few minutes to save Several hours of work
  4. A well-oiled machine for welcoming new leads and new clients
  5. How to ask for testimonials on auto-pilot
  6. An “employee” that you never have to pay overtime, sick leave, and who NEVER drops the ball or forgets to do something you told it to do.

Make sure you’re on with me tomorrow at 11am eastern!

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