Hey, not sure if you noticed my absence lately (and if you haven’t it’s thanks to automation) but I’ve been busy raising a baby and running a business at the same time. Lots of late nights working, lots of early morning feedings. 

All that’s to say, if at any point you’ve felt like I wasn’t here for you, well, the truth is I wasn’t. 

But there’s good news…

I’m back!

I’ve started working again, on a regular schedule, during daylight hours lol. And I want to know how I can support you! 

What are you up to?

What’s happening in your business?

What can I help you with? How can I continue to support you?

Automation is constantly changing. Things move so fast and it’s hard to keep up!

Right now I’m running Facebook ads getting multiple leads a day at less than $3 per lead for a Challenge I have coming up. 

I could not have gotten those kinds of results without some support. 

And now that I’m finally back, I want to support you!

I have a brand new group program called Automation Multiplier Monthly.

For only $37 a month you get: 

  • Slack Channel access to get help on any questions you have
  • Monthly call where we’ll cover automation strategies you can implement immediately to grow your business
  • Access to all the call recordings
  • A FREE Ticket to MOMENTUM Live in 2022
  • Expert insight into automation
  • Open Q&A
  • Guest Speakers
  • Bonus training
  • and more!

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