Pandemic Mama | Business Owner

I started my business in the middle of an economic crisis and I became a mama at the start of a pandemic… So, all in all, great timing! But in spite of many challenges, my tenacity has given me a multiple 6-figure business where I can work from home, raise a family, and work <10 hours a week.

The infinite correlations between being a mama and running a company are no coincidence. They are both equally rewarding, tiring, challenging, beautiful, messy, selfless, hectic, complicated, and fulfilling. Both jobs require everything you’ve got, everything you didn’t know already know you had, and then some. My son cries if he doesn’t get a cookie, people complain if they don’t get what they want. I cheer when my son does something new, I cheer when a team member learns a new skill.

Becoming a mama has made me a better business owner because I’ve been forced to surrender responsibility of things that I otherwise would’ve hung onto and then automated the rest so I can have the same level of presence without having to be physically present to make sales, send emails, run transactions, or nurture new leads.

Trying to find a balance between personal and business responsibilities is like asking the rain to rise instead of fall. The only way to “balance” doing all the things is to do one at a time: pick up the baby, put down the phone. Pick up the laptop, put down the bottle. Understanding that I can’t be everything to everyone all of the time, 24-7 has brought me more freedom in my life and business than being chained to my computer 24-7.

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