Acceptable Use Policy


This policy sets forth the terms between you and Informed Marketing Solutions under which you may access the website ( This acceptable use policy applies to all users of, and visitors to, the website.

Use of the site means you agree to abide by the policies, terms, and requirements of use. See here: Terms and Conditions is a website operated by Informed Marketing Solutions, LLC. We are registered in the state of Florida at 7777 N. Wickham Rd Ste 12-405 Melbourne, Florida, 32940.

Prohibited usage:
You may use the website for approved, lawful, and acceptable purposes only.  You may not use the website in a manner that breaches local, national, or international law, in any way that is fraudulent or malicious in intent, for the purpose of doing harm to anyone, to run any functions that are unauthorized, to run any adware, spyware, spam, or anything of the like, or to run any process that is not authorized by the website owner. In addition, no one will not duplicate or reproduce anything on this site, whether copyrighted or not.

Termination of use:
IMS reserves the right to remove any information on the website written by IMS, you, or a third party, without notice to the public. Anyone that is found to be in breach of this policy can or will be removed permanently without a refund. Failure to comply with the Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or Acceptable use policy may also be subject to the same removal process mentioned above. IMS may send you a warning, but reserves the right to remove anyone or any content from their site without notice. Any reimbursement for legal proceedings will be the responsibility of the offender.

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