Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy for along with the website Terms of Use and any other documents referred to will describe the process by which Informed Marketing Solutions collects data from clients and customers, data that customers and clients provide to Informed Marketing Solutions (IMS), and the use of that data.

Your Information

When you use our site, there are a number of ways in which you provide information and other data to us. By using the site, you consent to us processing and collecting this data, on the terms and for the reasons which are explained below.

How Your Information Is Used

We may use your information to:

If you do not want us to use your information for marketing purposes, contact us directly by emailing Please note that if you click on, or follow, any links from our site to external websites, our privacy policy will no longer apply. Please check the privacy policies of any such external site before submitting any personal data, as we cannot accept any responsibility or liability in relation to them. We do not store the credit or debit card details of any of our customers.

Data Storage and Data Protection

All information you provide to us is stored on our secure servers. Any payment transactions will be encrypted using SSL technology. We take your privacy very seriously and will take all reasonable steps to protect your personal data, but please be aware that any data which you send to our site is sent at your own risk. By submitting your personal data, you agree to this. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy. 

California CCPAwe believe the entire information provided on this page helps us be compliant. 

Colorado CPA: we believe the entire information provided on this page helps us be compliant. 

Connecticut CTDPA: we believe the entire information provided on this page helps us be compliant. 

Utah UCPA: UCPA as written on 11/21/2022 is not applicable to Informed Marketing Solutions, but we will include this in the policies in case the law unknowingly changes. Consumers may know or confirm processing activity as we do not process any data or add anyone into marketing campaigns that they have not knowingly opted in for. Consumers may access their data at any time either through the membership site or by sending a request to If you mail in a request, please allow 7-10 business days to process. Consumers may delete personal data by either updating their details in the membership site and/or by replying to the email from and letting us know which pieces of data to be removed. Opt-outs (see CAN-SPAM Opt-Outs). No consumer will be discriminated against as a result of opting out of emails and marketing from IMS. Understand that if you opt out of emails and marketing from us, that means we can no longer communicate with you other than through a 1:1 email basis. If you opt-out and opt back in and don’t hear from us right away, there might be a glitch in the system that we need to fix, so give us some time. 

Virginia VCDPA: IMS will not sell your personal data. You have the right to opt out of data processing and receiving of email and SMS marketing at any time. And you will not be discriminated against for exercising these rights. 

Email Marketing and Compliance:


What: We will collect data such as: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Physical Address, Company name, Job title, Lead Source, Fax, Social Media links, completed forms, orders, credit card numbers, birthday, username, password, assistant/spouse name, anniversary, meeting date, meeting time, meeting link, and youtube recording links, tags, list of things you opt into.

How: The data we collect from you is only that which is willingly given to us. We do not use bots, spam, 3rd party software, or torrent purchasing to collect data on you that you do not give us willingly.

Use: We will only use your data within our own company. We will NEVER sell your data or give it without your consent to another company or 3rd party. We use your data to email you things you’ve opted into or requested, to process purchases and/or credit card transactions, to send a newsletter, for meeting reminders, or for call recordings. It is unlawful for any software, company, 3rd party, employee, contractor, or the like associated with Jillian Kendrick or not, to use, process, or collect data from anyone on Jillian Kendrick’s list without the express written consent of working on behalf of Jillian Kendrick, or the express written consent of the Identifiable Natural Person. Passwords generated after the purchase of a course or product are done so at random inside of Memberium and stored inside of Infusionsoft. Although the data is encrypted, secured, and will never be used or sold, it is not recommended that the Person use a password that they already have for another program/company/entity, especially one that is used for sensitive data.

Security: All of your personal data is saved inside of Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft as a Data Processor is compliant with GDPR. All of your data is encrypted on an Infuisonsoft Server and saved behind a password-protected login, the login of which Jillian Kendrick has chosen to encrypt as well for additional security.

3rd Party/Data Processors: We use Infusionsoft as our CRM to house your data. We use Memberium and WordPress to grant access to courses. We use Gmail and Google Suite for our email correspondence. We use LearnDash in conjunction with Memberium. LearnDash will only keep a record of the course(s) that you have completed and any grades you received. We use PlusThis to run actions that Infusionsoft does not do natively such as: adding your email address into a Facebook custom audience, adding or subtracting numbers from custom fields inside of Infusionsoft for the purpose of keeping track of credits or numbers. We use AppointmentCore to create and manage appointments. AppointmentCore will only ever access Jillian Kendrick’s calendar and will only ever use your name, email, and phone number if you provide that information to AppointmentCore. We use Harvest to track time for our hourly clients. Your data in Harvest is only the amount of your invoices, if they’ve been paid or not, if the invoice(s) have been viewed by you, the date of invoice, the amount of collected time tracked, your business name, project name(s), first name, last name, and email address. We bill through Infuisonsoft Payments via WePay, or Stripe. Your credit card information could be subject to the GDPR compliance of WePay and Stripe as well.

Control: Everyone with data saved inside of any of Jillian Kendrick’s apps, software, or 3rd party integrations has the right to view this data at any time.

Cookies: We will use cookies/pixels for Facebook ads and Referral Tracking links. You have the right to clear your browser history and cache at any time and remove these from your browser/computer.

Contact: Our GDPR Officer is Jillian Kendrick. You may contact

Rights: You have the right to access the data we keep on your record. You have the right to object to marketing, data collection, and processing at any time. You have the right to complain. You have the right to be informed about how we process your data. You have the right to data portability. You have the right to compensation. You have the right to rectification. You have the right to be informed. You have the right to be forgotten. If you exercise the right to be forgotten, it may require you to surrender your ability to access products or programs you’ve purchased from or You have the right to automated decision-making. You have the right to restrict processing. You have the right to prove legal grounds for processing.


How, Why, and What information do we collect: Informed Marketing Solutions collects personal information from its clients and prospects such as Name, Email, TimeZone, IP address, Address, What links you click on, what lead magnets you opt-in for, birthday, anniversary, date you were created in our system, billing details, and credit card information, to name a few. Not all clients and prospects will have all of this data collected about them. Most will never share more than their email and first name. Only people who buy from us do we collect additional information on them such as billing and address details. Informed Marketing Solutions does not collect any data that is not freely and willingly given to us by the individual except TimeZone and IP address. This data is collected via webforms, order forms, credit card processing, and verbal confirmation from the client. Informed Marketing Solutions collects this data on its clients and prospects in order to maintain good records, keep a database of individuals interested in our marketing and products, and for the purposes of understanding our market as a whole. Informed Marketing Solutions does not sell or share data about anyone to other companies.

How can you request access, change, or erase your personal data: If you believe you are in our system or are receiving our emails, you have a right to request access to your data, to change your data, and to request to erase your personal data. At anytime you may request to have your personal data erased or to change your data. At anytime you may request to access your data for an administrative fee of $25. If an individual wishes to request, change, or erase their data, they will have to prove their identity and confirm they are the individual, company, or the owner of that email address. We usually ask for screenshots, a copy of their driver’s license, or some other method of identity verification. You may email us at to request to be forgotten, have your data erased, request your data, or for further information about how we process your data and what we’ve done with it.

Verification of identity: Informed Marketing Solutions verifies user’s personal data by two methods. All of our opt-ins have a GDPR-approved check box that the individual must click in order to opt-in to anything we offer. Second the individual is immediately sent a double opt-in email that requests they click a link in our email to verify their identity. Ideally, the individual would do both. From time to time we will process our email list through a cleaning software that looks for robot activity, spam activity, and other malicious data. If any of our records are found to contain this type of data, they are removed from our system immediately.

Selling Personal Data: We do not sell data. We are not in the business of selling data. We do not share our own data or the data of our clients. We do not claim ownership over any data besides our own, housed inside of our systems. As a consumer you may be invited to click on an outside link, attend a webinar of a colleague or strategic partner, or other material not owned or presented by Informed Marketing Solutions. In these cases, it is at the discretion of the individual to click on those links, attend those calls, freely give their personal information to another party, or purchase something from another party. Informed Marketing Solutions does not sell or share data with anyone.

Prior Consent for minors: Minors ages 0 – 16 must get their parent’s or guardian’s permission before accessing the Informed Marketing Solutions website, purchasing a product, or accessing and sharing any information from or with Informed Marketing Solutions. We have double opt-in verification language for minors inside of our double opt-in email. It is the responsibility of the individual to identify and represent themselves appropriately. Informed Marketing Solutions is not responsible for misrepresentation by individuals. IMS is not responsible for contacting, emailing, engaging with, selling to, or doing business with any minors that have misrepresented themselves. Any damages incurred by Informed Marketing Solutions, related to the misuse of data by a minor who self-verified or self-identified as an adult, or did not receive their parent’s or guardian’s permission before accessing the website or information, will be the sole responsibility of that individual or their parents or guardians. Informed Marketing Solutions keeps records of those opt-ins and check boxes, but does not verify the identity of minors.


Implied Consent: IMS manages the Canadian Anti-Spam Law under the assumption of implied consent. If you are a Canadian citizen you assume responsibility and consent to receive information from IMS, Jillian Kendrick, and anytime you opt-in, fill out a form, purchase a product, or subscribe to our emails via Keap. 

Unsubscribing and CASL Compliance: All emails from our system will be sent by an email address only. We do not send emails from any alternate URLs without additional consent and permission from the recipient. The footer of all emails include an opt-out link where the recipient may opt out at any time, as well as our business mailing address, and LLC name. The recipient may also reply to any of our emails and be in direct contact with a human being as we do not send from noreply@ or no-reply@. 


Consent: Consent to receive emails from IMS can be either express consent and/or implied consent. Express consent is given when filling out a form, ticking a box on a website or webform, given over the phone, or given face to face. After you opt-in and give express consent, an additional consent email (double opt-in) will be sent to you immediately. ignoring or denying this secondary email (double opt-in) does not prevent, limit, stop, or deny your given implied or inferred consent. 

IMS does not do contact tracing

All emails from our system will be sent by an email address only. We do not send emails from any alternate URLs without additional consent and permission from the recipient. The footer of all emails include an opt-out link where the recipient may opt out at any time, as well as our business mailing address, and LLC name. The recipient may also reply to any of our emails and be in direct contact with a human being as we do not send from noreply@ or no-reply@. 

IMS does not use Address-Harvesting software. 


Sent from: All emails from our system will be sent by an email address only. We do not send emails from any alternate URLs without additional consent and permission from the recipient. The footer of all emails include an opt-out link where the recipient may opt out at any time, as well as our business mailing address, and LLC name. The recipient may also reply to any of our emails and be in direct contact with a human being as we do not send from noreply@ or no-reply@. 

Subject lines: IMS does not send emails with misleading subject lines or headlines. There will always be some kind of connection between the email subject line and its contents. Example: we will not send an email saying “your soulmate is waiting for you” when the body of the email is about internet marketing. Unless there is a joke, relation to-, or call out to email marketing being your soulmate as satire.

Opt-outs: Anyone may opt-out of email marketing from IMS at any time using the unsubscribe or opt-out link at the footer of each marketing email or they may reply to any of our emails and request to be opted out. Electronic opt-outs done via the link will take affect immediately. Emailed opt-out requests can expect to be opted out within 5-7 business days. All opt-outs are done through Keap and and are subject to Keap’s database. IMS will hold a record of those email addresses that have chosen to opt-out. IMS reserves the right to manually opt-out any email address without notice. Through Keap’s rules, IMS can only send marketing emails to those individuals and/or email addresses that have opt-ed in (on single or double opt-in). IMS uses SpamKill to minimize its database’s and server’s impact on spam. 


Please check this page regularly, as we reserve the right to revise this acceptable use policy at any time. We may also change or update our acceptable use policy at any time by means of notices published anywhere on our site.

Disclosure of Information

We may disclose your personal information to any of our group companies (which means our subsidiaries, our ultimate holding company and its subsidiaries, and also to third parties in the following circumstances: –

Access to Information

You have the right under the General Data Protection Act to access the information which we hold about you. If you wish to exercise this right, please send your request to In order to meet our costs in responding, we reserve the right to charge you a fee of $25.

Usage and Contribution

The IMS website provides its users the ability to upload or contribute content to the site and possibly share that content with other uses, IMS directly, or to the public. IMS will do its best to regularly moderate this content, but is not responsible for the content that others contribute to the website. If you see content that is offensive or disturbing in nature, please contact It is the responsibility of the user to take ownership of the content they share. Any information or content shared by a user or third party is the sole opinion of that person and does not represent the opinions of IMS. Content that will be removed from the IMS website is anything that refers to the nature of hate, offensiveness, sexually explicit, minors and anyone under age, threats, harassment, discrimination, illegal activity, privacy invasion, plagiarism, impersonation, or anything else that IMS considers unfit to be on the website.


IMS reserves the right to notify any offender of their breach of policy. IMS will provide anyone the ability to change or update their data. IMS is not obligated to regularly moderate your personal data, but will do so to the overall data collection. It is recommended that no one under the age of 18 use this website unless supervised by an adult. IMS is not responsible for any losses or damages on the part of the user.

Breach of Policy

All breaches of policy will be handled in accordance with the Terms of Use, and IMS reserves the right to take any other action reasonably deemed appropriate, including removing access to the site or legal action the offender. IMS is not liable for any losses or damages caused by a breach of any our policies. IMS Reserves the right to update or change the acceptable use policy at any time without notice to the public.

Applicable Law

Wherever applicable, any rule, policy, or guideline listed above is applicable as a whole as a standard practice of the company and is applicable to all laws, rules, Acts, or guidelines set forth by the rules and laws of that country, state, or location. Multiple policies written on this page have duplicate laws and guidelines. Just because we don’t list them all out individually isn’t a breach of compliance, it’s a way to not make this pages miles long. So if the compliant language is written under another heading, it’s still applicable to the laws, acts, and rules of any location (especially any that are not listed) where the rule is applicable to what IMS does and the emails we send and service we provide. 

Testimonials and Endorsements

All reviews, feedback, testimonials and endorsements received by IMS and used by IMS in marketing material, emails, sales pages, videos, etc, are the sole property of IMS and may be used at any time by IMS for marketing and other purposes. All endorsements reflect the honest opinions and experiences of their original authors, and will not and should not contain any express or implied deceptive representation of IMS, its products, its services, its employees, or its contractors. Some testimonials may have been given freely or upon request, other testimonials or endorsements may have been paid for or incentivized by IMS. IMS is not obligated to disclose the nature of the testimonial or endorsement unless required to do so (i.e.: Facebook ads with linked partners, Instagram posts with paid partnerships)

ADA Compliance

IMS aware of and sensitive to the delicate nature of accessibility needs and/or disability needs. As of 11/21/2022 IMS does not believe that our website qualifies as necessary to be ADA compliant, however… if you have a requirement such as help navigating our websites, transcripts, closed captioning on videos that you’ve purchased, or an audio version of a document (or something of this nature)– please email your request to, we cannot guarantee a perfect solution, but we will do our absolute best to help you in any way we can. 

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