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This page and referenced or included documents explains the Terms and Conditions of use for this website as a guest, client,customer,or user. Please understand that use of this website or relationship with Informed Marketing Solutions, you accept the terms of use and agree to them. You always have the choice not to use the site or continue a contract.


https://www.informedmarketingsolutions.com is owned by Jillian Kendrick (“I” or “we” “IMS” or “us”). The best email address to contact is info@jilliankendrick.com.


IMS reserves the right to remove or prevent access to its website. IMS reserves the right to change its website and Terms at any time without notice to the public. Informed Marketing Solutions is not liable for any reason if the website is down or a representative of the company is temporarily unavailable to fix it. Content is held at the highest regard of the law and no copyrighted material will not be part of this website unless owned by IMS or IMS has permissions from another source to use that content. Any material on the site not copyrighted by IMS will be for display or example purposes only. IMS may revise these terms of use at any time by amending this page or by provisions or notices published elsewhere on the website or contracts. No user has permission to spam IMS as a company, it’s third-party applications, softwares, contractors, or any thing else owned by IMS or its affiliates. You may not knowingly upload, harm, use, copy, or do anything malicious to IMS, it’s website, or anything it owns. That includes spam opt-in submissions, anything related to the API, https posts, texting, emailing, website content, client content, customer content or anything related to IMS as it conducts business.


IMS is the sole owner of any intellectual property on the website, in emails, in social media posts, or any work-for-hire materials created for IMS on behalf of a contractor. Whether by copyright or by general law, IMS reserves all rights to use and hold ownership of the content on this website. No users may reproduce any content in any format, anywhere, without the explicit written permission of IMS. Anyone found to be in violation will have immediate legal action taken. The content of the website and any links, third-party applications, or content is the sole property of IMS. It’s the responsibility of the client, customer, or website user to read and comply with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Legal action may be taken against anyone that violates these terms. IMS reserves the right to remove or withdraw any content without notice to the public. If anyone hyperlinks to the website as an affiliate or or for private use, this action must comply with the Acceptable Use Policy. If any company, brand, or individual links to the IMS website or content, they are responsible for it and for complying with the Privacy Policy. Any requests to use content from the website or the IMS company can me made in writing to info@jilliankendrick.com.


We process information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. By using our site, you consent to our processing methods and you are responsible for the accuracy of the data. The data you give IMS is also subject to the Acceptable Use Policy in accordance with your data, your conduct on the site, and any data you upload to the site or give to IMS. The guest, users, client, or customer is responsible to pay back any damages incurred because of incomplete data, inaccurate data, or data uploaded to the website and then found to be malicious in nature. IMS has the right to remove or delete any information from its site owned by IMS or otherwise.


Informed Marketing Solutions LLC and informedmarketingsolutions.com does not provide refunds to customers or clients. If you are unsatisfied with a product, program, course, purchase, or something else please contact your project manager to seek a resolution. Immediately upon termination of work or contract with Informed Marketing Solutions the Client or Customer will owe any funds for additional working hours or any funds for access to programs they they have not paid for or have not been granted to them for free, or any funds that have been designated for additional work already performed. The balance will be charged to the client or customer using their credit card Informed Marketing Solutions has on file.


Agreement of the Terms and Conditions of Informed Marketing Solutions also subjects the agreeing party (client, contractor, student) to one of our Client or Project contracts. Examples of our existing contracts can be viewed here: https://www.informedmarketingsolutions.com/current-contracts/ upon successful purchase you may be required to sign one of these contracts via HelloSign. If applicable, the contract will be emailed to you for your signature.


The material and information on the website is written without guarantee. IMS does not take responsibility for damages, loss or business, loss or revenue, loss of data, loss of good faith, loss of time, or loss or resources. Each individual is responsible for agreeing with or disregarding any advice or information on this site or given by IMS, and taking responsibility for their own actions based on that advice or information. This does not affect any liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.


These terms of use and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the state of Florida.

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