15 month Maternity Leave and I don't work Fridays

Eight years ago I quit a job that I loved. But if I hadn’t closed that door, a new one wouldn’t have opened. Let me tell you about my 6-figure journey

Right after college, I took an internship at Walt Disney World. This was my DREAM to work at the happiest place on earth and become a performer/singer in one of the Disney shows or become a studio singer. I was thrilled and honored to be part of this amazing company and legacy.

I moved my entire world 1000+ miles with the prayer and determination that this internship would lead to bigger things. (it did, but not as expected…)

Everything was riding on this opportunity. All the years of being in every choir, my parents sacrificing their time and money to drive me over an hour each way to voice lessons multiple times a week, 4 years of college majoring in music. This wasn’t just my dream, this was my entire family’s dream. I was supposed to be the one who was gonna “make it”.

Audition after audition came and went and it wasn’t happening. I was making $8/hr and I would have to take off work, make no money, just to go to this audition. Then get a callback, take another day off, make no money. I did this over and over and over and over again for months until I finally had to say “ok Lord, message received, this is not meant for me.”

It was one of the most heartbreaking decisions I’ve had to make not only to give up my dream, but also to give up the dream my entire family had for me, all their sacrifices, all that time; gone.

I felt like such a failure.

I took a few odd jobs here and there, went through 2 stints of unemploymentdepressed, and heartbroken.

One day a friend told me about freelancing online on a site called oDesk. My very first job was $3/hr writing social media posts for an airport parking lot.

Eventually I had a client who was using a marketing automation software and I dove in head first, learned everything I could, and grew my expertise in automation and online marketing. I started working only with clients who had or needed automation in their business and let go of everyone who wasn’t ready for my new offering.

I grew my client base and started making money, real money. But just like every business owner I was wearing all the hats, doing all the thingsburnt outhating my business, feeling like I could never get ahead– being a 1-woman band wasn’t sustainable.

Early one January I caught the flu and my business fell apart. Everything was dependent on me and when I went down, so did the business.

All the clients left and I felt like a failure all over again.

So I hired a few people which gave us bandwidth to take on more clients, and more projects. But I was still in the weeds of the business managing clients, managing the team, doing the accounting, being the HR manager, writing content, managing projects… and burning myself out again. It felt like I hadn’t actually grown or improved my situation, it was just the next iteration of the same problem I had before.

Then my husband and I found out we were expecting our son, and I knew if I wanted to take a maternity leave, if I wanted my business to run without me I needed to make some MAJOR changes. I had two due dates: one for this baby to be born, and one for my business to survive without me.

So I got myself out of client management, out of daily operations, out of doing tasks and project work, out of project management, and I created systems, automationprocedures, and processes that my team could follow while I was away.

I ended up taking a 15-month fully paid maternity leave. Our client base grew, I sold products and services without having to be there to do it, and we had our best year to date.

As I watched all of my Disney friends lose their jobs in 2020, my heart broke for them, for their families, and I knew had I stayed on that path— it would’ve been me too.

Now my business is thriving! We’re having our best year ever with the opportunity to nearly double next year.

I own a multiple 6-figure marketing agency, I’m one of the world’s foremost experts on marketing automation, I don’t work on Fridays to spend time with my son, my business provides an incredible service to our clients, it also provides income to my amazing team.

I am beyond blessed every single day that I get to do what I love.

I am truly living my dream even though it looks much different than it did 8+ years ago.

But my story is not uncommon. So many business owners are struggling, so many people aren’t living their dream or their highest purpose.

What have you not said Yes to?

What have you not said No to?

So let’s re-cap.

  • 15 month PAID maternity leave
  • Multiple 6-figure business
  • I don’t do any client work
  • I don’t work on Fridays
  • I don’t work 8-hour days
  • I’ve only taken only 5 client calls in the past year
  • I spend most of my time making sales, making connections, and providing leadership to my team.

I want you to have more time and more money for less work! And I want to help you achieve it faster and easier than I did it!

Now I’m on a mission to help other business owners and entrepreneurs just like you achieve the same.

This is my personal invitation to you to join MOMENTUM.


In MOMENTUM you’ll learn how to hire a team so that you can work less hours and less days.

You’ll put automation in place so that you can get more done in the time you have.

You’ll finally be able to delegate so that you can focus on doing the things you love and the things you’re good at.

You’ll learn the counter-intuitive secrets of successful entrepreneurs leverage to grow and scale faster.

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