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I started my business back in 2010 as a Virtual Assistant taking any odd job I could to make money. My first job working online was for $3/hr writing social media posts for a parking garage near the SEA/TAC airport.

If a client asked, I never said I couldn’t do something, I always said I was willing to try or they didn’t have to pay me to learn.

My skills grew and grew, until one day I had a client that was selling memberships and courses using automation. I started working on their marketing and quickly grew my skills.

Using automation and doing marketing came naturally to me, I loved doing it, and I got really good at it. I spent years honing my skills, working with some amazing clients, completing fun projects, pushing the limits, and perfecting my trade.

But one day I realized something… I was doing all of this hard work to make someone else’s dreams come true.

(cue gasp)


Don’t get me wrong, they paid me well, I loved what I did, but it wasn’t sustainable.

I could only work so many hours a day (even before having kids) and there was no way that I could manufacture more hours in the day.

So I had to come up with a better way of doing business.

I hired a team, I put processes, procedures, SOPs, contracts, software, automation, expectations, etc, all in place in my business and we thrived!

I was able to triple my revenue and we grew exponentially!

But there was still a problem… I had a baby on the way and I was still working tons of hours. If I wanted to take a maternity leave I had to come up with a solution to my time problem.

Which I did!

… and, I want to show you exactly how I did it.

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