Sometimes we all need a little push, a shove, a nudge to get going. It can come from a moment of inspiration, a song, or something else. One of my moments came from a business exercise.

I was at a conference talking about alternative marketing ideas and plans, and the speaker said each person had 2 minutes to write down as many different alternative marketing ideas we could come up with…

Then he asked each of us how many we came up with… 8, 15, 9, 12, etc.

My number… 23!

What an eye-opening experience. There I was thinking everyone else knew more than me, thinking I couldn’t get leads, thinking I was stuck… and I came up with more ideas than everyone else. It was such a cool experience, and that exercise gave me the boost I needed to push through a rough patch in my business.

What’s your rough patch? What are you thinking about overcoming right now?

Take the two minutes and, without thinking too hard, write down as many ways to resolve that problem as possible. See what you come up with. If you have writer’s block, take two minutes to jot down topics you can write about!

You have more in you than you know! Take a chance on your dreams, on your talents. You can take action right now and grab my Impactful Opt In Fulfillment mini course for only $27.

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