Finding freedom in our limitations


I used to believe that the “5-Hour work week” people were nuts. How can you run a business and do everything you need to get done, while only working 5 hours a week?

I didn’t believe them because I knew how much I worked (about 10+ hours a day) and still didn’t accomplish what I wanted to. I still didn’t have the revenue I wanted, I definitely didn’t have the freedom I wanted. And I definitely didn’t have a business that served me.

I was about to become a momma where I’d be spending those same 10+ hours days with my new baby and not on my business. I no longer had the luxury of time I did before.

Something big had to change!

That’s when I got really serious about automation for my own business!

The things I was always putting off, the things I thought “I don’t have time to do”, suddenly I had two due dates, one for my baby and one for my business.

I automated:

    • New Client Onboarding
    • Sales Funnels
    • New Lead Long-Term Nurture
    • Tasks
    • Client billing
    • Social Media posts
    • Signing contracts
    • Accounting
    • Member Gifts

And so so soooo much more!

I’ve automated to the point that I’ve replaced myself– the BEST decision I’ve ever made.

If you want to learn more about how I’ve automated myself right out of my own business and created space for bigger and better opportunities, I’ll be announcing my 5-Day Automation Challenge in just another week or so. Stay tuned! In the meantime, click below for a meeting and let me know what you’re up to in your business!

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