Do you think you know everything there is to know about Infusionsoft (ehhemm) Keap Max Classic? 

My good friend Greg Jenkins, creator of the Monkeypod, new member of the Keap Academy content team, and all-around wonderful person is hosting the latest Keap Max Classic training starting TODAY!

Trust me, you need to be on this training

Even if you’ve been on this platform since the early days, even if you have all the automations your heart desires, even if you think you could run this class… you need to be here!


And as a fun little bonus, I’m honored to be teaching all about Tagging and Custom Fields on Friday.


I hope to see you there! I know if you sign up, you’ll walk away with something amazing that you didn’t know Infus— Keap Max Classic was capable of.

Join the Facebook Group! 


Learn from some really great people!


I’ll see you there!

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