Have you ever gotten the flu or been really, really sick?

That was me just a few short years ago. Running my ass off, more clients than I had time for, and then…. I get the flu! I had never gotten the flu before. And the worst part of it wasn’t being sick…

The worst part was that it was all me, alone, trying to run my business, as they say ‘like a chicken with your head chopped off’. Yep! That was me, alright! So, when I got sick, it was still just me. I had no one else to help me. I had clients filling up my inbox while I stayed in bed, honestly too sick to write an email.

Oh it sucked! In just 4 days I lost ALL of the clients I had. Not kidding! All of my income down the drain in just 4 short days. WOW

So, there I was sick, alone, helpless, just lost all of my income.
What could I do?

Well, I couldn’t get the clients back, but I knew this was an opportunity for a fresh start. So, I muscled up every bit of energy I didn’t have, took a call with a potential client, told them I had a team, and that “we” would be ready to fulfill for them starting Monday. That would buy me a few days… The next day I jumped on UpWork and hired my very first contractor. I interviewed her with a scratchy voice, a stuffy nose, and a pounding headache.

Hiring a team gave me real freedom in my business. It meant that when I was sick, work still got done and I still made money. It meant that when I went on vacation, work still got done and I still made money. It meant that I could spend my time bringing in new business while they fulfilled on it.

So, I took some DayQuil, hired two contractors, raised my rates enough to pay them and me, and went back to bed! haha

I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I had to make a change. This leap propelled my business from losing everything to quickly making over 6 figures in just four months.

Thomas Edison wrote in his diary “discontent is the first necessity of progress.” If you are truly discontent, if you know there’s more out there and you want a piece of it, if you’re tired of spinning your wheels just to make ends meet, then it’s your turn. It’s your time. This is your chance to take a leap of faith, just like I did, and propel your business forward.

Take a chance on yourself, on your dreams, on your talents. You can take action right now and grab my Impactful Opt In Fulfillment mini course for only $27. You already have the 7 Secrets to Crafting Your Perfect Offer. Well, this mini course is the accompanying

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