His one kind of gesture meant more than $$$


Do you take time for yourself?

I was on vacation this past week with my husband Mike. We took a 7-Day cruise on Royal Caribbean, but before the ship left the dock…

…I was working ALL morning to make sure everything was okay in my business. I even took an 8:00am client call on a Sunday   because it was important to me to get that call done before I left for a week.

Have you ever done that? Been working on your computer with your husband or family yelling at you to leave? They’re packed and ready with one foot out the door while you’re still  holding onto your keyboard?

Wow! It was hard to let go!  It was hard to surrender control.

The entire trip I didn’t stress about work. It was….. an unfamiliar feeling! haha

The day before the cruise was over, I headed down to Customer Service to fix a few incorrect room charges. After waiting a while, I was ushered over to the desk of a young man. Immediately (probably by instinct from my years working at Walt Disney World) I glanced at his name tag and realized he was from the same country my Grandfather was from… Montenegro.

So, I start speaking to him in Serbian and his face changed from an exhaustive frown to a big smile. I was (probably) the only other person on the ship that knew his language. He was so happy, rather than just giving me the discount that should’ve been applied to my account, he removed the two charges completely!

I mean… Let’s be honest,

it was pretty lucky for me that my family is from this tiny, Eastern-European country, and that I knew how to speak (some) of his language. BUT….

The better part was that my small, simple gesture of talking to him in his native tongue meant so much to him! I wanted to speak to him to share our culture and to be polite, but it meant so much more than I could’ve hoped for.


The point is… when you put yourself out there, when you give value before expecting anything in return… you win! So, here’s my value to you…

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Talk soon,

– Jillian

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