Why you're too afraid to do this one thing

How often are you asking your existing clients for a referral? 

In my email last week, I told you 89% of all businesses aren’t asking for referrals. When it comes down to it, business is two things: 1) Connecting with people, and 2) doing simple math. So it breaks my heart when I hear that so many business owners, nearly 90% of ALL businesses in the world aren’t asking for referrals. OMG! 

And here’s why…

Most people don’t know the right way to ask for a referrals, the right time to ask for referrals

Or they just feel uncomfortable doing it. They think, “I need more leads, new leads” but guess what, a referral is a new lead from an existing source. Same thing! Less work!

Everyone says:

“I need more leads”

“I need more clients”

“I wanna make more money” 

Get referrals!

When’s the best time? Immediately, right after they’re happy with something, anything. Get the referral as soon as you can. Don’t wait until your transaction is done, it’s too late. 

What’s the right way to ask? Any way and every way. Other than blatantly saying “I wanna make more money, can you help me out” lol — there’s no bad way to ask for a referral. In fact one of the best ways to ask for referrals is to automate the process! Remind them, ask again, remind yourself to follow up with them. 

And as far as being afraid to ask for a referral, if you automate the process then you won’t have to ask in person. 

You’ve got this!


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