September: Automation Momentum Bootcamp

When I first started my business, it was just me doing all the things, learning as much as I could and taking on any job and any client I could to get experience and make money. 
Fast forward a year or so and a client of mine used this incredible automation tool. I was blown away by the ability to market, sell, build relationships, and engage with large numbers of people all at the same time.
And I started to get really good at it. 
Automation started to come naturally to me. My brain thinks very linearly, so setting up automations and thinking through “this step first, this step second” came very easily to me.
I decided right then and there to only take clients that were using this software.
Fast forward another two years and I completed two certifications within the software so that I could market myself as an expert, I could resell the software, and I could tap into the awesome network of entrepreneurs and service providers that surrounded this software. 

A few highlights of the automation I’ve built:

  • I’ve helped a client collect over 65k in overdue invoices
  • I’ve help an Orthodontist triple their business
  • I’ve helped a coaching client grow to over 3MM in revenue
  • And so much more…

Next week I’m hosting my Momentum Automation Bootcamp. It’s a live, 2-hour training where I’ll walk you through the most important things every business owner needs to run their business more effectively, more streamlined, more strategically, and to grow their business without adding tons of overhead and team members.

Join me for Automation Momentum Bootcamp. 

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